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Beyond Shelters
Solutions to Homelessness in Canada from the Front Lines

Edited by James Hughes

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JAMES HUGHES has worked as a senior administrator in social services for more than fifteen years. He served as Director General of the Old Brewery Mission, Quebec's largest centre serving homeless people. He was the Deputy Minister of Social Development in New Brunswick from 2008 to 2011 and now works for the Montreal based McConnell Foundation. He is the author of Early Intervention: How Canada's social programs can work better, save lives, and often save money. He lives in Montreal.

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Front-line shelter workers from across the country set out the concrete steps to end homelessness in Canada

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"Beyond Shelters is a timely reminder of the importance of homeless shelters in the communities they serve. It is also an eloquent shout out to all governments that they needs to do more in supporting shelters and in creating healthy policy environments to drive down the number of homeless people in places like Fredericton, NB, where I live. My government (2006-10) introduced the first Housing and Homelessness Plan for the province but more, much more, needs to be done. Beyond Shelters helps to articulate the way forward."

Unpublished endorsement

"This book reveals how austerity measures introduced in the 1990's led to 235,000 people a year or more experiencing homelessness. More than this, it presents the thought and actions of a heroic group of shelter administrators, advocates and social innovators who not only prevented matters from getting even worse, but who have reshaped their organizations and influenced social policy to put us on the path towards ending homelessness altogether."

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