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Titanic: The Cookbook
Recipes from the Era of the Great Ocean Liners

Adapted by Elaine ElliotAdapted by Virginia LeeBy (author) Yvonne Hume

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ELAINE ELLIOT and VIRGINIA LEE are well known for their Flavour series of cookbooks. They grew up in Fall River, Nova Scotia. Elaine now lives in Kentville, in the heart of Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley, and Virginia lives in Raleigh,North Carolina, but returns home regularly to collaborate with her sister.
YVONNE HUME, great-niece of John Law Hume, the first violinist on the Titanic, has a proud family connection to the Titanic disaster. An avid chef, Hume has written recipes for numerous publications as well as her own restaurants. She is also the author of RMS Titanic: The First Violin, a biography of her great-uncle. She lives and writes in Norfolk, England.

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