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The Young Icelander
The story of an immigrant in Nova Scotia and Manitoba

By (author) Johan Magnus BjarnasonIntroduction by Birna Bjarnadottir

Biographical note (a single note referring to all contributors to a product – see PR.8.17 for a biography which is linked to a single contributor)

JOHAN MAGNUS BJARNASON came to Nova Scotia with a group of Icelanders in 1875. He later earned his living in Manitoba as a teacher and educator, but he was an active writer all his life producing (amongst other works) a novel and several plays as well as many shorter published works. Recognizing his achievements as a writer, the Parliament of Iceland conferred its highest honor, the Order of the Falcon, on Magnus on his 70th birthday.
Translator BORGA JAKOBSON was born in Geysir, Manitoba. Her first language is Icelandic. She attended the University of Manitoba and has maintained connections with her Icelandic roots and relatives.
BIRNA BJARNADOTTIR is acting head and chair and Graduate head and chair in the Department of Icelandic Studies at the University of Manitoba.

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