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Maddie Surfs for Cyber-Pals

Maddie has started to surf the net for new friends. But her family is worried because she's planning to meet a boy from among her cyber pals. Only Granny will understand and help her deal with finding a balance between exploring the world and staying safe.

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Leo's Midnight Rescue

One evening Leo's friend Julio disappears. Leo and his classmate Butch are very worried because Julio is a vampire and cannot be exposed to daylight. The boys have to get as much help as they can to find Julio before daybreak.

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Marilou Keeps a Camel

In this amusing story, Marilou and her friends share with each other all they know about camels, where they come from and what they need.

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Toby's Very Important Question

On the morning after Christmas, someone phones Toby's family to tell them that Toby's aunt has died in a car accident. After the ceremony, Toby notices that although everyone is very sad, they are also able to smile, chat and even sing. He wonders why people can be both happy and sad.

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Lilly Makes a Friend

Lilly Makes a Friend is a touching story that shows how integrating special needs children into the schools is a challenge worth pursuing.

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Morgan Makes a Splash

Morgan Makes a Splash is a hilarious story about gathering courage to cope with difficult situations.

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Skate, Robyn, Skate

Skate, Robyn, Skate is an optimistic story about learning a new skill, overcoming emotional obstacles and having supportive friends.

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Leo's Poster Challenge

Leo is constantly bullied at school by classmate Butch. At home, he is lonely because his parents won't allow him to see his vampire friend Julio. But when Julio tries to help Leo enter a poster contest, Butch accuses Leo of cheating.

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Maddie on TV

Maddie on TV

By Louise Leblanc, Illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay, Translated by Sarah Cummins

When Maddie auditions to be in a TV commercial, she is overjoyed when she's picked for the part. But Maddie soon discovers being on TV isn't what she thought it would be.

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Marilou Forecasts the Future

When Marilou helps out an astrologer, she thanks Marilou by making a chart based on her birth date. Then Marilou does the same thing for her friends ... but how can her predictions be so accurate?

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First Novels

Beginner chapters books for ages 6 to 9

Series Website

Series features

  • Engaging stories for early readers
  • Award-winning authors and illustrators
  • Chapter book format, with short chapters and amusing b&w illustrations
  • Reading level: grade 2.0-3.0
  • Interest level: ages 6-9

"young readers will appreciate the accessible text, action-filled black-and-white illustrations and discrete chapters that end on suspenseful notes" — Kirkus Reviews

First Novels are humorous, easy-to-read novels that encourage children to begin reading on their own. The series features vibrant, loveable characters, age-appropriate plots and lively illustrations. The books deal with themes kids face every day such as teasing, friendship, competition and multiculturalism.