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Lacrosse Warrior

Wendy Lewis tells the compelling story of how Mohawk lacrosse champion Gaylord Powless coped with brutal checking and racism during his career.

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Leo's Midnight Rescue

One evening Leo's friend Julio disappears. Leo and his classmate Butch are very worried because Julio is a vampire and cannot be exposed to daylight. The boys have to get as much help as they can to find Julio before daybreak.

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Josh is off to an elite hockey camp for the summer, where he shares a room with Peter, a talented player from the Northwest Territories. Peter is skilled enough to give Kevin, the star junior player, some serious competition, which creates trouble on and off the ice.

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9781550288582 | Published: October 2004

Truth and Lies

When the police investigation into a vicious attack on Erin's friend comes up empty, Erin decides to take matters into her own hands.

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