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Toni Biscotti's Magic Trick

Toni Biscotti is shy, really shy. So why has she signed up to perform at the school concert? Is it because of Marco Bonneau?

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Super Move, Morgan!

Morgan encounters several awkward situations and has to figure out how to come out unscathed.

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Lilly Takes the Lead

Lilly and her friends are arguing at lunch time about eating good food and bad food and Lilly has to try to keep the peace.

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Maddie Stands Tall

When Maddie finds out that her little brother Julian is being terrorised by a group of bullies in school, she decides that her gang should confront the problem, head on.

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Adam's Tropical Adventure

In this charming story, a young boy finds courage and engages his friends to solve a small but troubling mystery.

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Fred and the Mysterious Letter

When Fred gets a letter from his friend Lola, object of his secret crush, he is too excited to open the letter immediately. Unfortunately his cat Ric shreds the letter before Fred can read it.

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Toby Shoots for Infinity

This new story about Toby shows how everyone in school and home has a different approach to questions that have no definite answer.

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Morgan Makes a Deal

Having a paper route is a lot more work than Morgan cares to take on. His parents helped him into it so he would have some money for a video game that he wants.

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Lilly's Special Gift

When Lilly gives her best friend a braclet, her best wishes for her friend become a nightmare of rumours.

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Robyn's Party in the Park

When Robyn starts planning her birthday party, her mother makes just one rule: everyone from Robyn's class has to be invited. But this isn't what Robyn has in mind.

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First Novels

Beginner chapters books for ages 6 to 9

Series Website

Series features

  • Engaging stories for early readers
  • Award-winning authors and illustrators
  • Chapter book format, with short chapters and amusing b&w illustrations
  • Reading level: grade 2.0-3.0
  • Interest level: ages 6-9

"young readers will appreciate the accessible text, action-filled black-and-white illustrations and discrete chapters that end on suspenseful notes" — Kirkus Reviews

First Novels are humorous, easy-to-read novels that encourage children to begin reading on their own. The series features vibrant, loveable characters, age-appropriate plots and lively illustrations. The books deal with themes kids face every day such as teasing, friendship, competition and multiculturalism.