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Pucker Up, Morgan

Morgan is delighted to have the lead role in The Frog Prince even if he has to kiss Aldeen, the Godzilla of Grade Three, to turn into a prince.

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Mia, Matt and the Turkey Chase

Mia and Matt must find Alfred the jolly, escaped turkey.

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Robyn's Monster Play

Robyn feels The Raft, the class play, is unfair because it casts only three roles to the boys. Starting her own play, The Monster that Ate the World, she learns how difficult it is to organize everything by herself.

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Fred and the Pig Race

At this year's agricultural fair, Fred's friend William and his pig Omer are going to participate in the big race. When William becomes sick, Fred decides to replace him. But how can he win the race when he has never ridden a pig?

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Leo's Skiing Surprise

Life as a vampire is tough when you're a kid. So this year Leo has come up with an idea for the best Christmas present ever for his friend -- a night of skiing! But there is a huge storm brewing, and suddenly the trip has become a nightmare.

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Raffi's Animal Rescue

Raffi McCaffrey's medical condition makes it hard for him to get around. One morning, while looking outside his window, he suddenly sees an injured bird. But what can Raffi do to save the bird?

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Campfire Morgan

Morgan's not a great camper. But that's not going to stop him from bragging to his friends about his family's upcoming camping trip.

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Lilly and the Snakes

The school board has closed Lilly's school for one afternoon a week. When Theresa's babysitter takes Theresa and Lilly to the mall, the girls end up playing with snakes in a pet store.

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Maddie's Big Test

It's time for the big math test at school, and Maddie's worried. When her friends show her how she can cheat, she decides she will.

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Toby Laughs Last

Toby Laughs Last

By Jean Lemieux, Illustrated by Sophie Casson, Translated by Sarah Cummins

When Toby climbs too high in a tree to rescue a kite, he tumbles to the ground and has to go to hospital.

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First Novels

Beginner chapters books for ages 6 to 9

Series Website

Series features

  • Engaging stories for early readers
  • Award-winning authors and illustrators
  • Chapter book format, with short chapters and amusing b&w illustrations
  • Reading level: grade 2.0-3.0
  • Interest level: ages 6-9

"young readers will appreciate the accessible text, action-filled black-and-white illustrations and discrete chapters that end on suspenseful notes" — Kirkus Reviews

First Novels are humorous, easy-to-read novels that encourage children to begin reading on their own. The series features vibrant, loveable characters, age-appropriate plots and lively illustrations. The books deal with themes kids face every day such as teasing, friendship, competition and multiculturalism.