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Alice Jones

Born in 1853, ALICE JONES, daughter of a prominent Halifax family, began her writing career with magazine articles and short stories while her father was lieutenant governor of the province. The success of her first novel and her second two years later launched her career as a leading Canadian writer of international bestsellers.

Gabriel Praed's Castle

A fictional portrayal of Canadians in the Paris art scene of the 1890s.

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A Privateer's Fortune

First published in 1903, A Privateer's Fortune is a tragic and exciting novel following a Nova Scotian family cursed by a tainted fortune, hereditary madness, and doomed love.

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The Night Hawk

The Night Hawk

(Fiction Treasures)
By Alice Jones, Introduction and notes by Greg Marquis, Series edited by Gwendolyn Davies

First published in 1901, The Night Hawk is a smouldering, romantic novel of passion and intrigue set in Paris, Halifax and the American Deep South.

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