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Barwin, Steven

STEVEN BARWIN is a television writer who has written for such shows as John Woo's television series Once a Thief; The Royal Canadian Air Farce; and Street Cents. He is also a middle school teacher in Thornhill, Ontario.


Emma's enticed into playing for the volleyball team -- but first she has to overcome her fear of what her new friends will think

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When does rivalry stop and bullying begin?

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Rock Dogs

The Rock Dogs' three-day camping trip turns into an adventure.

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Jordy Lee and his friends are thrilled when a new skateboarding park offers a youth competition. But what will Jordy's friends thinks when he gets coaching advice from a cute girl?

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Gregg Stokes can tell you exactly when his life took a turn for the worse. It was the day his new stepsister, Amy, joined the starting line-up of his hockey team.

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9781550289503 | Published: October 2006

Roller Hockey Blues

A summer in the city! Mason can't believe his bad luck. Just when he thinks he is going to die of boredom, a local roller hockey team announces that it's holding try-outs.

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