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Tony Correia

TONY CORREIA has worked as a waiter, bartender, bouncer, barista, receptionist, and recently, a technical writer for a software company. His newspaper column, Queen's Logic, ran in Xtra! West for five years. He is the author of the Lorimer Real Love novels Same Love and True to You. His memoir, Foodsluts at Doll & Penny's Cafe was published in 2012. He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Walk This Way

A romance about a teen who feels he has to hide the fact that he does drag to get a boyfriend.

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Prom Kings

A light-hearted same-sex romance about finding the person you are meant to be with, who might be closer than you think.

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True to You

In the bizarre world of pro wrestling, a teenage hopeful finds a relationship where he can be true to himself as a gay guy.

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Same Love

When Adam reveals to his devout parents that he's gay, they send him to a Christian camp. But when he meets Paul, Adam realizes it's impossible to bury his attraction and "straighten out."

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