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Cristy Watson

CRISTY WATSON is passionate about teaching and writing and hosts a literary open mic in her community. She is the award-winning author of eight novels including: Benched, Living Rough, On Cue, Room 555, Cutter Boy, Dead to Me, and Epic Fail. Locked Up is her latest book. She was a 2017 Pacific Northwest Bookseller's Association Book Award Nominee for On Cue. Cristy lives in Surrey, British Columbia.

Locked Up

A teen fears that years in juvenile detention have made it impossible for him to make a life in the outside world.

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Epic Fail

Three teenagers from a multiracial, mixed-income neighborhood face the consequences of a traumatic sexual assault when photos of the incident appear online. A tough but realistic story about teen relationships, rape culture and how social media can magnify its impact.

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Dead to Me

Ever since Logan found out that his uncle was involved in his dad's death, he's been full of resentment — until he gets in trouble with the law and realizes he needs to face up to his anger.

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Cutter Boy

All Travis wants is a slice of life

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