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David Trifunov

David Trifunov

DAVID TRIFUNOV is an award-winning sportswriter whose previous titles for Lorimer Kids and Teens include Ice Time, Snow Soccer and Free Runner. He lives in Kelowna, B.C., with his wife and three daughters.

Open Ice

A young teen girl tries to unite her co-ed hockey team and prove to herself and everyone else that she can play.

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Angry at class differences in his new city, a teen finds confidence in a new sport. Freerunner explores jealousy, status and self-esteem on and off the play area.

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Snow Soccer

Sarimah, a young Syrian refugee, moves to Saskatoon and has to switch from playing soccer in the sand to the snow while learning to adjust to her new life in Canada.

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Ice Time

If you can't pay to play, you have to take your best shot

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