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Lori Weber

Lori Weber

LORI WEBER has published poetry, short stories, and essays in several Canadian literary journals and collections. She has also writtern several YA novels. She lives in Pointe-Claire, Quebec.

Picture Me

A YA novel about three teen girls and bullying -- where everything is more complicated than it seems

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Strange Beauty

There are some things a teen can take for granted, or so Penny thinks. Beautiful girls get all the breaks. An eccentric old woman is going to be the target of every kid in the 'hood. But what if things are not all they seem?

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After her mother suddenly leaves her family for good, Sandra is left behind with her alcoholic father -- and a lot of anger.

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Kat dreads her sister's returning home. Kat starts to shoplift and as her sister's return approaches, the shoplifting escalates into a full-blown addiction.

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