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Jacqueline Guest

Jacqueline Guest

JACQUELINE GUEST is a Metis writer who lives in Bragg Creek, Alberta. Her books are frequently selected as Canadian Children's Book Centre Best Books for Kids and Teens. A Goal in Sight was nominated for a Golden Eagle Award. In 2012, Free Throw and Triple Threat won the American Indian Youth Literature Award for Best Middle School Book and Jacqueline also won the Indspire Award.

Free Throw

Matthew Eagletail was happy with life until his mother remarried. Now he must get used to a new school, a new father, five pesky new sisters, and a dog named Precious.

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Triple Threat

Matthew Eagletail's good friend, John Salton, has come to visit. Together, the boys form the Bobcats to compete in the Rocky Mountain basketball tournament.

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A Goal in Sight

Hat Trick

Twelve-year-old Leigh is one of the top players - and the only girl on the Falcons hockey team.

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Rink Rivals

Rink Rivals deals with sibling rivalry and peer pressure in a fast-paced novel aimed at boys eight to thirteen.

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Soccer Star!

For Samantha, whose military family is always on the move, soccer has been the one constant in her life.

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War Games

Ryan Taber becomes entangled in a world of danger and deceit.

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Dream Racer

Zoë's caught the racing bug. She thinks she might even have the stuff to become a racecar engineer one day. But Zoë's mother has another dream for her daughter, and it's called "Zoë Kendall, M.D."

Paperback    $9.95     Add To Cart     View other formats

Wild Ride

In this sequel to Lightning Rider, January and her family have taken in an RCMP summer student as a boarder but it seems that her boarder may be involved in illegal activity that threatens the natural world she has taught January to respect.

Paperback    $9.95     Add To Cart     View other formats

At Risk

Tia is spending the summer working at a special ranch for at-risk youth. She tries to bond with Sage, a street kid who has been given one last chance to get her life together. But when money goes missing, all fingers point to the troubled teen.

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