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Music of our Times
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Music of our Times

Eight Canadian Singer-Songwriters

By Marco Adria

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This pioneering work in Canadian pop music criticism analyses the work of some of the country's most acclaimed musicians, winners of national and international awards and recognition.
Marco Adria examines the songs of eight Canadian artists who belong to pop music's literati--singer-songwriters whose work reflects considerable refinement and taste. Gordon Lightfoot, Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Bruce Cockburn, Murray McLaughlan, Jane Siberry and k.d. lang are all artists with considerable insight both in Canada and abroad. Individual chapters on each offer thoughtful accounts of their careers and their achievements as interpreters of contemporary popular culture.
Music of our Times presents new insights and new understandings of Canada's most acclaimed musicians.

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Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 158 pages
Publication Date: 1st January 1990
ISBN: 9781550283150
Format: 9in x 6in

Binding: Hardback, 158 pages
Publication Date: 1st January 1990
ISBN: 9781550283174
Format: 9in x 6in

BISAC Code:  MUS029000
Imprint: Lorimer


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