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And Where Do We Go From Here?
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And Where Do We Go From Here?

Proceedings from a Symposium on the Rental Housing Market and Housing Allowances held in Winnipeg

Edited by Janet McClain

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Written in 1982, this book examines the difficulty renters face in the rental housing market, and whether housing allowance programs are adequate to provide the framework of intervention needed to resolve these difficulties.
The question of how governments can meet the growing demand for secure and affordable rental housing and how future need for rental housing assistance is assessed were the central themes of a two-and-a-half day symposium held in October 1992, co-sponsored by the Canadian Council on Social Development and the Manitoba Housing and Renewal Corporation.
And Where Do We Go From Here?, the Proceedings of that Conference, offer a vital snapshot of Canada's housing challenges in the early 1980s.

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Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 132 pages
Publication Date: 1st January 1982
ISBN: 9780888103352
Format: 11in x 8.5in

BISAC Code:  ARC010000, POL002000
Imprint: Lorimer


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