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Nell Harley
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Nell Harley

A Backwoods Mystery

By Theodore Goodridge Roberts

$16.95 Paperback
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Series: Fiction Treasures

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In a small New Brunswick settlement, a friendly poker game suddenly brings to light a strange curse that hangs over the Harley family. When young David Marsh, one of Nell Harley's admirers, finds he has a six of clubs marked with two red crosses, Nell's brother Jim is spooked. He is not surprised to hear that in the next few days, Marsh has some bad luck and a freak accident with his canoe, such that he cannot pursue his profession as a guide.
Nell confides in Reginald Rayton that she is afraid that this re-occurrence of the marked playing card will bring harm and unhappiness to them all. Rayton is determined to solve the mystery, to find out who is stirring up this rural community, and to prove his worth to Nell.
This 1912 mystery novel is set among lakes and forest where the sporting life is enjoyed by both the settlers and the wealthy sportsmen who regularly come north for the salmon fishing.

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Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 328 pages
Publication Date: 15th October 2003
ISBN: 9780887806056
Format: 8in x 5.5in

BIC Code: FV
BISAC Code:, FIC014000
Imprint: Formac


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