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Titanic Lives
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Titanic Lives

On Board, Destination Canada

By Rob Rondeau

$19.95 Paperback
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Series: Formac Illustrated History

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The sinking of the Titanic on its maiden voyage in 1912 captured the world's attention a hundred years ago and still holds it today.

Although it was bound for New York, more than 100 passengers aboard the ocean-liner were headed for Canada. Titanic Lives delves into the unique stories of ten of those passengers. Some were rich, like railroad tycoon Charles Melville Hays and a scion of Montreal's Molson family. Others were not, and would have been lost to history had they not been a part of this unforgettable story.

From the scandalous romance between Montreal's Quigg Baxter and his French showgirl mistress, to one woman's search for her toddler and husband as the life boats were being launched from the decks, this book gives its readers a glimpse into the lives of those who took that fateful voyage on the Titanic. You will hear about Paul Chevre, renowned French artist travelling to Montreal to reveal his latest sculpture, and Arthur Peuchen, the wealthy chemist and lumber king whose last-minute decision to board the Titanic turned him into both a hero and a target.

Be it nursemaid, cabaret dancer or ex-soldier, Rob Rondeau weaves together the unique and compelling stories of ten people sharing one common thread -- they were all on board the Titanic, destination Canada.




Paul Chevre: Haunted to Death

Charles Melville Hays: What Might Have Been

Bess Allison: Tragedy Personified

Jakob Alfred Johanson: Wanderlust Did Him In

William Edwy Ryerson: A Soldier's Sense of Duty Saved Him

Berthe de Villiers: The Showgirl and the Hockey Player

Dr. Alfred Pain: A Gentleman to the End

Harry Markland Molson: There Was No Swimming Away This Time

Alice Fortune: Debutantes and Gentlemen

Arthur Peuchen: Big Mouth at the Big Event

Titanic — The Future


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"...fascinating and informative, and Rondeau's knowledge and enthusiasm will make Titanic Lives a must read for anyone interested in the Titanic, maritime history, or Canadian history in general."

- Paul Butler Atlantic Books Today

"While many books have been written on all thingsTitanic, not many people have looked at the Canadian connection..."

- Ian Fairclough Halifax Herald

ROB RONDEAU is a senior marine archaeologist who has been studying shipwrecks for almost twenty years. His love for the Titanic is the root of his passion for marine study. Rob lives in Nova Scotia, where he is the president of Procom Marine Survey & Archaeology. In his spare time, he teaches archaeological seminars at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic and is heavily involved in protecting Nova Scotia's marine heritage.

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Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 112 pages
Publication Date: 16th April 2012
ISBN: 9781459500198
Format: 9in x 8.25in
100+ colour and b&w photos

BISAC Code:  BIO006000, HIS006020, HIS057000, SOC040000
Imprint: Formac


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