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Sons and Seals
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Sons and Seals

A Voyage to the Ice

By Guy Wright

$9.95 Paperback
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Series: Goodread Biographies

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One spring day Guy Wright got a berth on a ship bound for the world's most controversial hunt - the Newfoundland seal hunt. He went "to the ice" with 32 other men on the small, cramped M. V. Hector - the first writer to do so in 50 years.
The story he tells of his voyage is honest, sympathetic, moving. He describes the suspicions of some experienced hands, who worry that he might be there to sabotage their hunt. He tells of his fears as he faces his first time on the ice - twice in one day falling through the ice, ending up with severe frost bite. Through these experiences, Guy Wright learns about the seal hunt and about the sealers - knowledge he shares in this fascinatng, moving book.
Sons and Seals is a fresh and exciting look at a controversial and often misunderstood way of life.

"...A good read and a refreshing insight."

- Polar Record

"Wright captures the 'terrible beauty' of the hunt, as it turns green boys into men."

- Atlantic Provinces Book Review

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Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 126 pages
Publication Date: 1st January 1986
ISBN: 9780887801426
Format: 7in x 4.25in

BISAC Code:  BIO006000
Imprint: Goodread Biography


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