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Stompin' Tom Connors

An in-depth look at the man who created the myth of Stompin’ Tom, updated with new information.

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John Lennon, Yoko Ono and the Year Canada Was Cool

While the Beatles were breaking up, John Lennon and Yoko Ono headed to Canada to stage a bed-in for peace, play a peace concert, and meet prime minister Trudeau.

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I'm Not What I Seem

The biography of a woman who was so much more than she seemed

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Fascinating, informal protraits of women in the Canadian media: the stories of their struggles for success.

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Glenn Gould

Glenn Gould was Canada's greatest musician. From his home in Toronto, he rose to be a world-famous concert pianist and recording artist of the very top rank.

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Will the Real Gordon Sinclair Please Sit Down

Gordon Sinclair--instantly identifiable by his trademark bowties and irascibility--was one of the greatest of all Canadian newspapermen. These are his memoirs.

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When I Was Young

The story of an aristocratic youth growing up in Edwardian Toronto, told with engaging candour and wit.

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William Irvine

Along with J.S. Woodsworth, William Irvine was one of the pioneers of socialism in Canada, a member of the radical Ginger Group, progenitor of the C.C.F. and N.D.P.

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