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The Craft Transformed

The Nova Scotia Inns and Restaurants Cookbook
Spiral bound   Out of print
9780887800559 | Published: January 1985

The Prince and His Lady

The story of Canada's 18th century royal romance - the Duke of Kent and his true love and the destiny that tore them apart, but left the city of Halifax with several fine architectural monuments.

Paperback   Out of print
9780887801396 | Published: January 1985

Exploring Nova Scotia

The authoritative guide for more than 400 adventures in all corners of Nova Scotia.

Paperback   Out of print
9780887800542 | Published: January 1984

Energy Options for Atlantic Canada

At the beginning of the 1980s, the energy future of the Atlantic Provinces looked more promising than ever before. This book examines contemporary energy options, the attractions and drawbacks of each.

Paperback   Out of stock indefinitely
9780887800511 | Published: January 1983

The Fighting Fisherman: Yvon Durelle

Yvon Durelle fought from the tiny Acadian hamlet of Baie Ste. Anne to within a heartbeat of being light-heavyweight boxing champion of the world.

Paperback   Out of print
9780887801143 | Published: January 1983

The Lockeport Lockout

This is the story of the Lockeport lockout of 1939 and its legacy, told in the words of its participants, by contemporary journalists and photographers, in song and polemic.

Paperback   Out of print
9780969132400 | Published: January 1983

The Akerman Years
Paperback   Out of print
9780887800252 | Published: January 1980

The Highland Heart in Nova Scotia
Paperback   Out of print
9780887800016 | Published: January 1980

It Happened in Nova Scotia
Paperback   Out of print
9780887800092 | Published: January 1980

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