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The Artists' Halifax

An authority in historical works of art, Mora Dianne O'Neill offers a collection of more than 100 fine works of art which show Halifax at many stages in its development.

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Halifax's Northwest Arm

Authors Michele Raymond and Heather Watts revisit the history of the Northwest Arm from the Victorian era, exploring its industrial and recreational importance in this lavishly illustrated book.

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Heritage Houses of Nova Scotia

Best published book of the year! This is the first full-colour book on Nova Scotia's heritage homes. It features beautiful buildings from across the province. Heritage Houses of Nova Scotia explores eastern Canada's rich cultural heritage.

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The Forge in the Forest

Jean de Mer returns home after three years' absence to find his son Marc in danger. Marc is in trouble with French partisan leader Black Abbé and is taken captive. Father and son quickly make their escape, determined to expose the priest's deceitful ways.

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The Dreadful Truth: The Halifax Citadel

In her book, Vicki Grant reveals lots of surprising and funny facts about what life was like at the Halifax Citadel in the late 1800s. It's history with a twist.

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Lunenburg: Then and Now

Illustrated with dozens of full-colour photographs and historical visuals, Lunenburg: Then and Now is an exciting tour of one of Canada's most distinctive and fascinating towns.

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Rose of Acadia

Rose of Acadia is a passionate story about the legacy of the past--personal and historical--and how it shapes lives in the present.

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The Sea is So Wide

The Sea Is So Wide is a passionate story of love and separation set against the tragic events of the Acadian Deportation of the mid-eighteenth century.

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A Privateer's Fortune

First published in 1903, A Privateer's Fortune is a tragic and exciting novel following a Nova Scotian family cursed by a tainted fortune, hereditary madness, and doomed love.

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Halifax Street Names

Halifax Street Names includes contributions from writers with a lively interest in local history, giving derivations and brief histories of more than 180 streets in Bedford, Dartmouth, Halifax and Sackville.

Paperback   Out of stock indefinitely
9780887806520 | Published: November 2004

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