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The West
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The West

The History of a Region in Confederation

By John F. Conway

$29.95 Hardback
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The Riel Rebellions, the Winnipeg General Strike, the founding of the CCF and Reform parties, the struggle for provincial control of natural resourcesmuch of the impetus for change in Canada has come from the West.The West offers a history of Confederation from the point of view of the four Western provinces. J.F. Conway traces the origins of regional conflict to the pre-Confederation period and follows the story of the West in Confederation right up to recent battles with Ottawa over resources and constitutional powers. This revised edition contains a new introduction as well as a new chapter covering the West during the 1980s and early 1990s.The West: A History of A Region in Confederation is outlines both the influence the Canadian polity has had on the development of the western provinces, and the influence those provinces and their people have had on the Canadian nation.

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Publication Details:

Binding: Hardback, 372 pages
Publication Date: 1st January 1994
ISBN: 9781550284089
Format: 9in x 6in

BISAC Code:  HIS006000
Imprint: Lorimer


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