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Heritage Languages

Heritage Languages

The Development and Denial of Canada's Linguistic Resources

By Jim Cummins and Marcel Danesi

$14.95 Paperback
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Series: Our Schools

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In this book the authors decry the creation of a version of Canadian identity that actively discourages the cultivation of many of its citizens' languages.
If multilingualism is regarded as a valuable asset both for the individual and for society, then why do so many Canadians vehemently oppose the teaching of heritage languages? Why do many parents who demand that their children be given the opportunity to become bilingual in French and English protest angrily at the fact that their tax dollars are being used to teach the languages of immigrant children? Why is it appropriate to promote multilingualism in private schools but not in the public school system? Is multilingualism good for the rich but bad for the poor?
Heritage Languages examines the difficulties experienced integrating heritage languages into official curricula, and the successful efforts to teach Ukrainian, Italian, Hebrew, ASL, Portuguese and Punjabi in Canadian classrooms.
An Our Schools/Our Selves book.

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Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 136 pages
Publication Date: 1st January 1990
ISBN: 9780921908050
Format: 8.25in x 5.25in

BISAC Code:  EDU007000, EDU020000
Imprint: Our Schools Our Selves


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