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The World Trade Organization
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The World Trade Organization

A Citizen's Guide

James Lorimer & Company Ltd., Publishers

$22.95 Paperback
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Series: Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

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Citizens of Canada and of nations around the world have felt the sting of WTO policies and decisions in fields as diverse and pervasive as labour rights, environmental protection and public health.
So it's not surprising that whenever politicians and government officials gather to negotiate new trade deals, ordinary citizens gather to protest. Is the WTO really a threat to Canadians? This book offers an informed account of what the WTO is and how it is using its extraordinary powers to supervise and overrule the actions of national governments.
The World Trade Organization: A Citizen's Guide offers an independent view of WTO actions in areas ranging from agriculture and the environment to labour and culture, tracing how it promotes the interests of global corporations at the expense of citizens.

Preface to the Second Edition
Preface to the First Edition
Chapter 1:The Big Picture
The WTO and International Trade
The Institution
The WTO and the Global Economy
A Bill of Rights for Transnational Corporations?
The Agenda: Freeing Corporations from Government Regulation
The Challenges Ahead
Chapter 2: The Key Agreements of the World Trade Organization
GATT 1994
The Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade
The Agreement on Agriculture
The Agreement on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
The Agreement on Trade-Related Investment Measures
The General Agreement on Trade in Services
The Agreement on Dispute Resolution
Chapter 3: The Global Commons
The USeof Trade Measures to Enforce Multilateral Environmental Agreements
Case Study: Tuna and Dolphins
Asserting the Primacy of International Environmental Goals
Trade and te Environment: A History of the Debate
The WTO Committee on Trade and the Environment
Chapter 4: Culture, Diversity and Survival
Free Trade vs. Diversity
Exporting U.S. Consumer Culture
Commercial Goods vs. Cultural Expression
Canadian Magazines and Japanese Beer: The WTO Can't Tell Them Apart
Case Study: Measures Concerning Canadian Periodicals
Bill C-55
Turning the Corner
Chapter 5: Food Security, Food Quality and Global Warming
Agriculture, Trade and Global Warming
Food Security
Food Safety
Case Study: Beef, Hormones and the SPS
The WTO Agreement on Agriculture
Supply Management
Intellectual Property Rights
A Citizen's Agenda
Chapter 6: Forests, Fish and Water
Export Control as Resource-Conservation Tool
Case Study: The Case of Canadian Raw Log-Export Controls
Case Note: Shrimp-Turtles -- Tuna-Dolphins Revisited
Case Study: The Salmon and Herring Cases
Free Trade and Sustainable Resource Management
Water as a tradeable Commodity
The Agreement That Never Was
Water as an Investment and Service
A Citizen's Agenda
Chapter 7: Energy
NAFTA Revisited
Global Trade's Energy Appetite
A Carbon Tax as a Border Tax Adjustment
A Citizen's Agenda
Chapter 8: Environmental Standards and Other Technical Barriers to Trade
Subsidizing Competitiveness at the Expense of the Environment
The Big Chill
The Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement
Creating a Ceiling but No Floor for Environmental Regulation
Following the Leader
Case Study: Canadian Asbestos Exports
The First WTO Ruling
Case Study: Reformulated Gasoline
A Citizen's Agenda
Chapter 9: Workers' Rights
Free Trade Orthodoxy: Quoting Adam Smith Out of Context
Tariffs and Jobs
Subsidies and Economic Development
Research and Development Funding Under the WTO
A Comprehensive Regime
The WTO Services Agreement - the MAI By Any Other Name
Case Study: Japan Challenges the Auto Pact
Protecting Workers' Rights in the Wto?
Chapter 10: Patents, Biopiracy and Intellectual Property Rights
TRIPs vs. Free Trade
Biodiversity, Farmers' Rights and Intellectual Property
The New Frontier
Technology Transfer
The TRIPs Agreement as a Prototype
Chapter 11: Trade-Related Investment Measures
The "Stealth Agreement"
International Investor-Rights Agreements in Five Easy Pieces
1. Who is a Foreign Investor?
2. National Treatment: All of the Rights, None of the Responsibility
3. Performance Requirements: Prohibiting Government Regulation
4. Expropriation: Private Property Rights in a Global Constitution
Case Study: "Threat of NAFTA Case Kills Canada's MMT Ban"
5. Investor-State Procedures: "A Revolution in International Law"
Environmental Conditionalities and Other Greenwash
Exceptions and Reservations
The Need for New Investment Controls in the Era of Globalization
A Citizen's Agenda
Chapter 12: Health Care and Other Services
Canada's Mixed Health Care System<

"Steve Shrybman has an unparalleled ability to convert the obscure jargon of international trade agreements into a language that allows people to grasp their profound impact on the environment and on the social, economic and cultural fabric of our communities."

- Maude Barlow

"Shrybman does a good job of laying out his argument, explaining succinctly how the trade body works and the power of enforcement mechanisms."

- Susan Noakes Toronto Star

"The strength of Shrybman's book is in the specifics. Supporters of free trade should read this book. They'll never look at the WTO in the same way again."

- Charlie Smith Georgia Straight

"This book explains just what the WTO is, and how its policies might affect Canadians. The book is a -- perhaps the only -- guide to what the WTO is up to."

- Halifax Daily News

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Publication Details:

Binding: Paperback, 172 pages
Publication Date: 19th February 2001
ISBN: 9781550287356
Format: 9in x 6in

Previous Editions: (show)
Publication Date: 1st January 1999
ISBN: 9781550286878
Binding: Paperback

BISAC Code:  BUS035000, POL011000
Imprint: Lorimer


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